Fellowship Ministry

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”
1 Thessalonians 5:11
The mission of the Fellowship Ministry to is to provide a smooth transition for new members into our family of faith and to support the auxiliaries of St. James. The ministries of Fellowship include:

Presbyterian Women’s and Men’s Ministries

The Fellowship Ministry supports our Men’s and Women’s ministries at St. James. These ministries provide ministry and support that target the needs of women and men.

Couples Ministry

The Couple’s Ministry meets regularly for fellowship, mutual support, and dialogue around what Christian relationships should look like.

Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry provides Christian support and fellowship for all who are not married.

Parenting Fellowship

Through the Parenting Fellowship, parents commit to praying for one another, sharing resources, learning new skills, and supporting each other in the rearing of Christian children.

Annual Tithing Campaign

Because giving is essential to the Christian life, each year St. James provides tithing education. It is our hope that members would be strengthened in their faith and learn to trust God with their finances.

Kitchen Committee

The kitchen committee supports all other ministries by providing food and kitchen support. This ministry also provides repasts for grieving families at the church.

Decorating Ministry

The Decorating Ministry insures that the facility is properly prepared for the various seasonal and other special celebrations of the church.